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Drupal Association elections - why do I participate

So, for the second time in its history, Drupal Association elects "at large" board members. If you still don't know what this thing is all about, you can learn more about elections at
This time, I'm one of the nominees (so you are more than welcome to drop some warm words about myself on the nominees page).
Nominee list is full of people I respect, and would be glad if they will end up in the board instead of myself. So why at all am I in?
Most important, that's an excellent opportunity to formulate my own vision of possible improvements in the work of Drupal Association. Everyday routine doesn't leave much space for that (have I told you about my selfish nature?).
Like many other candidates, I would like to focus on the problem of Drupal talent. But before dealing with the problem, I want to re-formulate it.

I claim there is no lack of Drupal talent. There is disconnection between Drupal talent and Drupal money.

Example? Get into any Drupal-related mailing list, and check responses to "we're hiring" posts. There are dozens, sent by the same people and companies - meaning that talent finders and "talent owners" don't actually meet each other.
There are tons of reasons for that: different mentality, language barrier, time difference etc.
Of course, that does not mean that community cultivation program is not necessary. It just means that it's not enough
What we probably need, and I'm going to set that target whether I will be elected or not, is a missing connection between companies seeking experienced drupal developers, from one side, and people who want to become experienced drupal developers, from the other side.
To keep it short, I want to take Acquia U program as (an excellent) starting point, but focus on developing markets, i.e. Eastern and South Europe, India, Chine
This is a big task, and I need your help to achieve the goal. Vote for me!
Your's truly,